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Brahmaputra Boat Clinic In Assam Goes Solar, Powering Up Rural Healthcare
Thomson Reuters Foundation | Monday October 30, 2017

Majuli, Assam: Sitting on her haunches, Ritumani Baruah watches the boat drop anchor and waits for its crew to set up a clinic on the shore. Twenty minutes later, she asks to see the dentist and is guided to the lower deck of the SB Nahor, a boat offering healthcare services that operates on the Brahmaputra river in Assam. She negotiates the gangp...

Nurses Are Our Best Bet To Provide Healthcare In Rural India
Pavitra Mohan,Sanjana Brahmawar Mohan | Monday July 3, 2017

Lasiyo is two years old and lives in Khajuri- a remote, sparsely populated and poorly connected tribal hamlet in Rajasthan. Last year in September, his mother noticed that Lasiyo had high fever. The closest functional health facility was in a nearby town, but she had never been there alone. The only bus that would take here there had left. Her husb...

India's Great Healthcare Challenge And Opportunity
Indo-Asian News Service,IndiaSpend | Monday June 12, 2017

By Nayan Kalnad, Niranjan Bose and Hari Menon/ India added 450 million people over the 25 years to 2016, a period during which the proportion of people living in poverty fell by half. This period of rising prosperity has been marked by a “dual-disease burden”, a continuing rise in communicable diseases and a spurt in non-communic...

India’s Most Populous State Uttar Pradesh Spends The Least On Health
IndiaSpend,Indo-Asian News Service | Monday January 30, 2017

By Oommen C Kurian/ IndiaSpend With 200 million people, Uttar Pradesh (UP) has about the same population as Brazil; an economy the size of Qatars – which has 2.4 million people, the same as the UP town of Bijnore; per capita gross domestic product (GDP) comparable to Kenyas; and an infant mortality rate that rivals The Gambia, a poverty-ridden, p...

India Needs To Invest More In Public Healthcare: WHO
India News | Press Trust of India | Sunday December 11, 2016

India needs to invest more in public healthcare and build a robust health delivery system in all aspects, including infrastructure and human resources, with special focus on rural areas, the WHO today said.

Rural Women Increasingly Accessing Government Hospitals, Shows Study
Indo-Asian News Service,IndiaSpend | Thursday December 8, 2016

By Devanik Saha/IndiaSpend There was a 24 per cent rise in rural women accessing public healthcare between 2004 and 2014, according to a new report by Brookings India, a think tank, significant in a country where half the rural population uses private healthcare, which is four times costlier. Overall, there was a six per cent rise in dependence on ...

Most Indians Dependent On Private Healthcare, Finds Study
Indo-Asian News Service | Monday December 5, 2016

New Delhi: Households across India still overwhelmingly depend on private providers for healthcare services over public healthcare, a recent study has found. Senior Fellow at Brookings India, Shamika Ravi, found in her study “Health and Morbidity in India: 2004-2014” that as much as 75 per cent of out-patient (OPD) care in India was exclusive...